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Video: Introduction to FST Performance Carburetors – FST Billet Carbs & FST RT-X Carbs

FST Performance Carburetors makes different cast and billet carbs for various performance applications, and in today’s video, Ken from FST is going to talk through three popular FST product lines […]

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Video: Installing and Tuning an FST Billet X-Treme Carb

In today’s video, Ken from FST Performance Carburetors shows us how to install and tune an FST Billet X-Treme Series carb on a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle. The Chevelle already had […]

Edelbrock 1406 vs. 1906 carburetors
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Edelbrock 1406 vs. 1906 Carb Comparo

It’s the Edelbrock 1406 Performer carburetor versus the Edelbrock 1906 AVS carburetor. We’re not pitting these two carbs against each other because they’re mortal enemies (they’re from the same family, […]

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Carb Quickies: 4 Quick Checks to Determine if Your Carburetor is Working Properly

A cranky carburetor can lead to a number of problems—excessive fuel consumption, rough idle, hard starting, and more. We covered some of these issues in our Carb Detective and Carb Checklist […]

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Mailbag: How to Choose a Carburetor for Supercharged Engines

  (image © Q: I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a supercharger for my 1966 Chevelle. What should I do about my carburetor? Do I need to go […]

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Booster Basics: How Carburetor Booster Design Relates to Your Vehicle’s Performance

To truly understand how carburetors work, you first have to know Daniel Bernoulli. Bernoulli was an 18th century scientist who discovered that pressure is inversely proportional to velocity. This principle, […]

Two-Circuit vs. Three-Circuit Metering Systems for Race Applications
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Carb Science: Two-Circuit vs. Three-Circuit Metering Systems for Race Applications

Before electronic fuel injection’s microprocessors and sensors revolutionized fuel delivery, carburetors fueled high performance machines using mechanical components like metering systems and boosters. Over the years, carburetor manufacturers have developed different metering systems which […]

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Carbureted vs. EFI: Fuelab Examines How Fuel Line Size Relates to Fuel Pressure Drop (and Why it Matters)!

Does size really matter when it comes to fuel lines? According to the fuel delivery system experts at Fuelab, it does. It’s because fuel line size and length have a direct […]

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Mailbag: Selecting the Right Carburetor for a Small Block Street Engine

We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re helping to choose the proper carburetor for a 400-cubic-inch small block. D.N. Bedford, OH Q: I’m […]

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Throwback Thursday: Old School Carburetion Circa the 1920s

  OK, Thursday. We’ll play along. We’re jumping on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon with some vintage photos and literature, starting with this 1920s-era carburetor brochure a friend found in his […]