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We’re not peeling out the ball joints just yet in this car and as a result, we haven’t removed the cotter keys and castle nuts, but this photo will give you an idea on how the tool works. (Image/Wayne Scraba)
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Parts Bin: Exploring a Better Way to Remove Ball Joints

Separating ball joints from spindles is common when working on the front end of a car. The usual practice goes something like this: Slip a jack under the A-arm to […]

Need parts for a 30th-anniversary Chevy Camaro? You never know what you'll find at a junkyard.

Junkyard Jewels: 13 Tips for Scrapyard Parts Scrounging

Going to a junkyard is gearhead rite-of-passage. Whether it’s to save money, source rare parts, or repurpose components for a custom build, every experienced wrencher has made at least one […]