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Ford Windsor and Modular Engine External Dimensions

Want to swap a Modular or Windsor Ford engine under your hood, but aren’t sure it will fit?

Well, the folks at Ford Performance are here to help you out.

They put together a series of images containing the external dimensions of a few of Ford’s most common engines, including the 302/351 Windsor, 4.6L Modular, and 5.0L Coyote.

It’s a handy reference, particularly if you’re looking to retrofit a mod motor into your vintage Mustang, F-150 or other Blue Oval.

Pictures are below, but here’s an easy-to-print chart:

Approximate Ford Windsor, Modular, and Coyote Engine External Dimensions

351 Windsor27.5"*21"23.75"
4.6L Modular28"25.625" (SOHC)
30" (DOHC)
26" (SOHC)
29.875" (DOHC)
5.0L Coyote26"28"27"
* With Short Serpentine Water Pump

Ford Windsor External Engine Dimensions

Ford Windsor External Dimensions

(Image/Ford Performance)


Ford 4.6L Modular External Engine Dimensions

Ford 4-6 Modular Dimensions

(Image/Ford Performance)

Ford 5.0L Coyote External Engine Dimensions

Ford Coyote Dimensions

(Image/Ford Performance)

Want even more engine dimension specs for GM and Mopar? Check this out.


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  1. Mark Franklin says:

    I’d love to know more about the 5.4L Modular, its versions, its dimensions, and all of the power adders and engine modifications that can be made.

    Thank you,

  2. 5.4 sohc how wide is it ?

  3. James Rask says:

    How like to know the height length and width of the 6.2l v8 out of a raptor and superduty.

  4. BRYAN HALL says:

    Not a reply as much as a question. I’ve got a 1998 Ford Mustang with an engine in it that measure just over 23 inches front to back. The block is very rusty and I can’t make out any numbers outside the engine. The 4.6 is just over 28 inches long. The guy I bought it from claims its an 03 4.6 with pi heads. I seriously doubt that’s it. The other clue is i need to replace the timing cover. The one on it has a 3 bolt tensioner 4.6 have a single bolt I believe. Any Help would be greatly appreciated as I’m having a hard time sorting this out. The engine runs extremely well before we changed out the idler pulley which broke of the piece it bolts into. Thanks for your time.

    • does it have pushrods? then it isn’t modular mostlikely an older 5.0 unless it is freakin huge not kidding really really freakin big bigger than a big block .

  5. I have a 2WD 1986 F-150 that currently has a 5.0L 302. I want to put in a 351w within the next 2 years and need to know what transmission will fit the truck. The truck is currently an automatic and would like to stick with a manual for now. What are my options for transmissions that will fit without modifying the truck? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  6. 1. Is the dimension with or without exhaust manifold?
    2. Where is the width measured from?
    3. What about the upper carb and air cleaner or upper plenum or SC?

  7. A fully dimensioned layout is needed. Especially dimensions from Crank center-line vertically in each direction and max width including headers and mounted accessories. Most needed for Coyote Ford

  8. Hi i am fiting a 1996 ford 302 efi to a 1994 hilux. Do you know what would the weight of this engine weigh. Also what would the weight be if iused aluminium heads cheers Lex.

  9. Perfect timing. I want to put my 4.6 Lincoln-Mustang in my 1964 1-2 mustang with its 4 speed trans.200 hp to 305.

  10. Hayden DeLand says:

    What is the best Small Block Ford motor to use to replace my 3.0 V6 in my 03 Ford Ranger Edge

    I’m talking the least amount of fabrication and what fits overall the best.

    I want to make this a strong towing and eventual 4Wheel drive too

  11. Are the coyote dimensions accurate?
    Google and the Ford Performance website both say that the dimensions for a 3rd gen coyote is 36.5″ x 44.5″ x 36

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