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Ford 331 Build: Durability & Street Power (Part 2)

Last month, we introduced you to the 331ci “Street Stealth” built by MCE Engines. The late Marvin McAfee of MCE Engines in Los Angeles was the architect and builder for […]

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Ford 331 Build: Cruising Power That Doesn’t Break the Bank (Part 1)

Looking for good reliable streetable horsepower and torque? These days, 400 horsepower and 400 lbs.-ft. of torque sounds tame when you consider the 600 to 800+ horsepower behemoths among us. […]

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Build a Better Boss (302 Ford, That Is)

Ford’s incredible 1969-70 Trans Am BOSS 302. Not the 2012-13 Coyote DOHC BOSS, but instead the genuine pushrod original from an era when Ford did the unthinkable repeatedly—and won! Ford’s […]

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Building Affordable Ford 289/302 Power!

Ford’s 289 High Performance V8, introduced in the 1963 Fairlane, is something of folklore and legend. It was factory rated at 271 horsepower at 6,000 rpm with mechanical flat tappets […]

Small Block Ford Engine on Dyno
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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: How Much Horsepower Does My Car Need for 12-Second ETs

  I would like your opinion on my ‘61 Comet 2-door wagon. It’s a car that will be used for local cruise nights and Friday night street-legal drags. My question […]

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Ford Windsor and Modular Engine External Dimensions

Want to swap a Modular or Windsor Ford engine under your hood, but aren’t sure it will fit? Well, the folks at Ford Performance are here to help you out. […]

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Ford V8 Engine Bore and Stroke Guide

The Ford V8 engine family tree has a lot of branches. You’ve got the venerable Windsor small block, plus the 385-series and FE-series big block branches, along with a trio of […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Ford 351 Windsor, Cleveland, or Modified Engine?

Engines are often identified by their displacement, like the ubiquitous Chevy 350, Mopar 440, or Ford Five-Oh. But displacement alone isn’t always the best differentiator, and nowhere is that more […]