Want to swap a Modular or Windsor Ford engine under your hood, but aren’t sure it will fit?

Well, the folks at Ford Performance are here to help you out.

They put together a series of images containing the external dimensions of a few of Ford’s most common engines, including the 302/351 Windsor, 4.6L Modular, and 5.0L Coyote.

It’s a handy reference, particularly if you’re looking to retrofit a mod motor into your vintage Mustang, F-150 or other Blue Oval.

Pictures are below, but here’s an easy-to-print chart:

Approximate Ford Windsor, Modular, and Coyote Engine External Dimensions

351 Windsor27.5"*21"23.75"
4.6L Modular28"25.625" (SOHC)
30" (DOHC)
26" (SOHC)
29.875" (DOHC)
5.0L Coyote26"28"27"
* With Short Serpentine Water Pump

Ford Windsor External Engine Dimensions

Ford Windsor External Dimensions

(Image/Ford Performance)


Ford 4.6L Modular External Engine Dimensions

Ford 4-6 Modular Dimensions

(Image/Ford Performance)

Ford 5.0L Coyote External Engine Dimensions

Ford Coyote Dimensions

(Image/Ford Performance)

Want even more engine dimension specs for GM and Mopar? Check this out.


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