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Infographic: Tire Rotation Patterns for Different Drivetrain Configurations

Your vehicle’s four tires don’t wear evenly.

This happens because the front of your vehicle typically weighs more than the rear, and because your front tires turn while your rear tires don’t, and because (in the United States) we typically make left turns at higher speeds than we make right turns, causing the right-front tire to wear faster than the left-front.

Those are just some of the reasons.

One of the most effective ways to extend tire life, save money, and stay safe is to rotate them at regular intervals (every 5,000 miles; or every oil change is commonly recommended) in a pattern which promotes even tire wear.

With the right tools, a four-tire rotation can be done in 20 minutes or so. But what is the most effective way to rotate them to achieve maximum tire life?

Here’s a handy visual aide to help you rotate your tires effectively:

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  2. 20 February 2017

    To Matt Griswold

    You have really explained tyre (or tire) rotation. You should be congragulated..

    Thankyou, I learn’t a good deal from your post. Very well done!


    Maryborough Queensland , Australia

  3. You can’t cross rotate a radial tire. This would run it backwards and cause belt separation. Or at least that’s always been the rule in the past.

  4. Larry Keuler says:

    Never change the initial rotation of any tire. Tire needs to be dismounted from wheel when going from side to side.

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