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Ford Fairlane Identification Guide 1955-1970
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Ride Guides: A Quick Guide to Identifying 1955-’70 Ford Fairlanes

The Ford Fairlane was born in model-year 1955, and shared some design similarities with the more-famous Tri-Five Chevys as well as their Buick counterparts. The Fairlane was named after Henry Ford’s […]

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Infographic: Engine Noises and What They Could Mean

New engines aren’t cheap. And rebuilds can be costly and downright time-consuming. It’s no wonder unfamiliar sounds from our engine compartments can cause immediate concern. Seriously, anything except “vroom,” “roar,” and perhaps […]

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A Timeline of the 20 Most Influential Parts in Hot Rod History

Take a walk through hot rod history, from the introduction of the Edelbrock Slingshot manifold in 1938 through the development of aftermarket electronic fuel injection in the 1990s, as we explore the […]

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Infographic: Tire Rotation Patterns for Different Drivetrain Configurations

Your vehicle’s four tires don’t wear evenly. This happens because the front of your vehicle typically weighs more than the rear, and because your front tires turn while your rear […]

2016 Year in Review

2016 Top Infographic Posts (Year in Review)

Editor’s Note: Time flies when you’re having fun. As we close out another year, we’re spending the last week of 2016 looking at our top stories of the year. Today, we’re re-examining […]

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Infographic: Guide to Diagnosing Common Starting Problems

It can be incredibly frustrating when your vehicle won’t start. It can be even more frustrating trying to figure out why. Morris Rosenthal created a diagnostic flow chart to help people […]

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Infographic: Cylinder Head Torque Sequences for Chrysler I6 & V6 Engines

Following the rules is sometimes not as fun as not following them. But when discussing torque sequences and recommended torque specifications, vehicle owners will have a happier life by following […]

Ford six-cylinder torque sequence guide
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Infographic: Cylinder Head Torque Sequences for Ford 6 & V6 Engines

We’ve discussed previously what a drag following rules can sometimes be. We don’t always like doing what we’re supposed to. But when it comes to torque sequences and recommended torque […]

Spark Plug Chart - How to Read Your Spark Plugs
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A Guide to Reading Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs are like a cipher. And to read a cipher code, you usually need a cipher key. That’s what this is—a cipher key that is going to help […]

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Animated Infographic: Basic Engine Operation Explained Like Never Before!

Oxford Dictionary defines the word infographic as a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. Folks like Jacob O’Neal have since redefined the concept of […]