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Infographic: Engine Noises and What They Could Mean

New engines aren’t cheap.

And rebuilds can be costly and downright time-consuming.

It’s no wonder unfamiliar sounds from our engine compartments can cause immediate concern. Seriously, anything except “vroom,” “roar,” and perhaps the whine of a supercharger are completely unacceptable. The key is figuring out the source of odd-ball sounds, so you can address any potential problems early.

This handy infographic by OnAllCylinders contributor Lori Sams will help you track down certain, unwelcome noises. Our original post on the topic, A Quick Guide to Diagnosing Common Engine Noises, will provide the extra info you need to begin curing the underlying causes.

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  1. That’s something you should ask a dealer as they are not all the same. Or try a google search, or use a test light to check what each wire is doing.

  2. Noises drive you crazy… I had a “clicking” noise after a few hundred miles on a rebuilt sbf… I checked a number of times trying to find it with a stethoscope… Couldn’t find it in any metal components. Finally took the metal “probe” off and went in with just the hollow tube… It was a blown header gasket… Also I notice funny little noises until the engine warms up… Again, they’re noises the headers are making…

  3. can anyone help me out here to know which noise is that only at starting when the engine is cold its like a metal clicking sound for few seconds (2-3) max without any load and after that the sound disappear even if I turn the engine off and turn on again no sound at all

    • OnAllCylinders says:

      Many modern cars will some amount of valvetrain chatter during warm-up and it will then go away. I would suggest a call to the Summit Racing tech department at 1-800-230-3030 as there may be some follow-up questions to pinpoint if there is an actual problem.


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