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Infographic: Guide to Diagnosing Common Starting Problems

It can be incredibly frustrating when your vehicle won’t start.

It can be even more frustrating trying to figure out why.

Morris Rosenthal created a diagnostic flow chart to help people troubleshoot the possibilities. We found it, liked it, tweaked it, and are now sharing this infographic with you. Your very own swear-word-reducing, stress-relieving roadmap to getting that engine humming again.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. (That it is, Edward!)

Car won’t start? Figure out why:starting-issues

(OnAllCylinders infographic by Lori Sams)


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  1. Mastermech48 says:

    On your Starting diagnostic chart, believe you missed, started runs, grinding sounds. Could be the drive clutch, have starter checked

  2. Just because a battery reads 12 volts on a volt meter doesn’t mean it’s a good battery. Leave the volt meter on it and try to crank it. If it drops below 9.5 volts when you try to start the car then it’s a bad battery. Another thing you can do is hook a load tester or a conductance tester up to it and test it.

  3. Dave Parsons says:

    Engines Dan turn over but if you have timing belt issuers then camshaft may not be turning. Research Interference vs. non-interference engines.

  4. my problem is on a 1977 f150 i just bought .turns over bu won’t start until i release the key .runs fine after it starts .thought it was the ignition switch so i changed it out .same issue . any ideas ?

  5. Daniel Nutt says:

    Paul.Your problem is the Duraspark ignition module is starting to fail or it is an aftermarket replacement of lesser quality.This is a fairly common occurance on these Ford first gen electronic ignition systems.Dan.

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