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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Is 10:1 Compression Compatible with 91 Octane Fuel?

I want to build a 350 Chevy with iron heads and a 10.0:1 compression ratio. Will that work on 91 octane pump premium fuel? H.C. Seemingly simple questions like this […]

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Engine Building 101: Installation Tips for Piston & Connecting Rod Assemblies (Video)

In today’s video, our friends Brian and Mike from Summit Racing will take you through the entire process of installing your completed piston, piston ring, and connecting rod assemblies into […]

How Tos

How to Use a Dial-Back Timing Light

It’s a sign of the times when late model engines with distributorless ignition systems (DIS) no longer require the services of the ubiquitous timing light. But for the remainder of […]


Mailbag: Checking Clearance Before Cam-Swapping a 307-Powered ’68 Nova

Q: I have a 1968 Chevy Nova with a stock 307 engine. I have a brand new Summit cam and lifter kit that I’d like to install without any other […]


Mailbag: Finding Low-End Power in a Sluggish 350-Powered 1981 Firebird

Q: I have a 1981 Pontiac Firebird with a Chevy 350 in serious need of some more low-end power! It has a Holley Dominator manifold and a 750 cfm car, […]

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Pro Tips for Setting Tire Pressure and Adjusting to Changing Track Temperatures

There are many questions related to adjusting tire pressure on a drag car, and it seems everyone has a different opinion. The reality is, every car will require a slightly […]

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Video: Wheel Spacers vs. Wheel Adapters

There are several differences between wheel spacers and wheel adapters, and one may be better than the other for your specific vehicle. This latest video featuring Summit Racing tech adviser Carl […]

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Infographic: Tire Rotation Patterns for Different Drivetrain Configurations

Your vehicle’s four tires don’t wear evenly. This happens because the front of your vehicle typically weighs more than the rear, and because your front tires turn while your rear […]

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Video: A Quick Primer on Electric Cooling Fans

“Electric cooling fans are the way to go for freeing up horsepower and for keeping your engine cool at all driving speeds,” says four-time NHRA Pro Stock champ Greg Anderson. […]

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Mailbag: Tips for Changing Valve Seals Without Removing the Cylinder Heads

Q: I’m changing the valve seals on my 1973 Camaro. The cylinder heads are on the engine, and the engine is in the car. I’m using compressed air to hold the valves […]