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Mailbag: How Long Do Drag Slicks Last?

Q: How long will a set of drag slicks last? … A: The life of a drag racing tire can be determined by many factors. Tire compound, track conditions, vehicle […]

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Tire Talk: 8 Things Your Tire Tread Might Be Trying to Tell You!

Your tires might be telling you something. Are you listening? The condition of your tires could warn you of premature wear or be a sign of issues in other areas […]

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Infographic: Tire Rotation Patterns for Different Drivetrain Configurations

Your vehicle’s four tires don’t wear evenly. This happens because the front of your vehicle typically weighs more than the rear, and because your front tires turn while your rear […]

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Race Tire Tutorial: A Guide to Tire Tubes, Tire Screws, and Beadlocks (and What’s Right for You)!

Go to a dragstrip and you’ll see cars with beadlocks, tire screws, and what appears to be nothing holding the tire bead to the wheel rim. Some cars will run […]

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Big Tire Tech: How to Stuff the Back of Your Car with Big Tires

Big back tires have always been the telltale sign of a true ground pounder. In some cars, it’s easy to stuff the back-end full of rubber without resorting to reconstructive surgery (tubs, moving […]