A high-torque starter can deliver the extra starting power you need to turn over a high compression engine. In the case of a high-torque mini-starter, you get that extra power in a more compact package for increased ground, oil pan, and/or header clearance.

The advantages are clear, but there are some important steps you need to take to make installation successful.

This video will provide detailed instruction, troubleshooting tips, and practical advice for installing a Summit Racing Mini High-Torque Starter on a GM engine. This particular model features full ball-bearing construction for long-lasting performance in a lightweight package — up to 40 percent lighter than your OEM starter. Summit Racing tech expert Carl Pritts will walk you through the installation job and cover important points such as:

  • Clean battery terminals and why they matter
  • Choosing adequately sized battery cables and why bigger is usually better
  • Proper ground connections and how to achieve secure metal-to-metal contact
  • How to secure the starter’s mounting block using included bolts and shims (Tip: It shouldn’t be necessary to add more than two! If the starter is too far away from the flywheel, you’ve probably chosen the wrong set of mounting holes.)
  • Helpful advice for connecting to the positive terminal and troubleshooting starter gear retraction and spinning flexplate issues

Watch here: