Watch this video from Power Nation and Summit Racing, and let tech expert and OnAllCylinders contributor Jeff Smith show you how to set lifter pre-load on a small block Chevy engine.

It’s as simple as remembering to abbreviations—EO and IC.

EO is exhaust opening. IC is intake closing.

First, Smith walks you through the manual turning over of our engine until the exhaust valve is one-quarter open. This EO position puts the intake lobe on the base circle. Smith then shows you how to find zero lash by tightening your intake rocker adjustment nut to complete your intake preload.

Next, Smith shows you how to turn the engine until the intake is three-quarters closed (IC), where you then tighten the adjuster nut after finding zero lash.

Repeat that process for each cylinder, and lifter pre-load is set.

Check it out here: