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Video: Quick Tips for Installing a New Transmission

If you’re installing, or planning to install, a new transmission, it might be wise to check out this quick video from TCI Automotive (via parent company COMP Cams) which provides valuable installation tips for the job.

The first piece of advice? DON’T throw away that instruction manual like we all tend to do for everything else. Follow those instructions because installing a new tranny is never a simple bolt-on job.

The short video features a variety of quick installation tips and will show you how to measure your bellhousing depth to the mounting lug for proper torque converter fitment, the importance of geometry correction kits when changing out a factory transmission, the need for new cable kits and certain jobs that require OEM bellcrank assemblies for kickdown linkage, how to install and adjust your vacuum modulator, how to adjust shift points on your governor, and much more!

Check out the video now!

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