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Video: Choosing the Proper Collector Size

Whether you’re building for the street or the track, watch this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video and learn how to choose the proper header collector size. You will learn how to calculate the correct collector diameter to help improve torque.

This video also explains how to extend your header collector length to broaden the torque curve below or above peak torque, and how to avoid negative waves from creating a vacuum inside your cylinder.

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  1. Loren Barnes says:

    This is a great basic understanding for the novice. It helps understand how headers work, without getting into advanced header tuning. I’m eager to see more articles on Merge Collectors, Rotational Firing, Tri-Y technology.
    Thanks, Loren Barnes, Former owner & designer of S&S Headers

  2. Not so sure i agree with this.I was allways told that the four pipes were put together into the collector for another reason.That is one pipe is expelling burnt gasses and another starts to do the same etc. etc.When this is happening it creates a vaccum and helps the next cylinder that fires to get rid of its burnt gases faster do the the created suctionThis is refered to as tuned headers .



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