Work around valvetrains much? Then we don’t need to tell you how important pushrod length is to the health of your engine. And that’s doubly true when you’re talking about non-adjustable valvetrains (cough*LS*cough), where a thousandth of an inch can be a big, big deal.

That’s why the new line of Summit Racing EZ Pushrod Length Checkers is an absolute game-changer.

(Image/Summit Racing)

Starting with a fresh approach to the best pushrod length checker tool setups, the Summit Racing R&D folks came up with a patent-pending design that delivers easy, yet super-reliable measurements of your pushrods.

Or in their words, it’s “dead-nuts” accurate.

summit racing EZ Pushrod Length Checker IN Use
(Image/Summit Racing)

And using the Summit Racing EZ Pushrod Length Checker Tool couldn’t be easier. Get precise pushrod length measurements in five easy steps:

  1. Loosen the set screw on the spring-loaded checker
  2. Tighten the rocker to spec
  3. Tighten the set screw
  4. Remove the rocker
  5. Measure the result
summit racing EZ Pushrod Length Checker on rocker
(Image/Summit Racing)

These pushrod length checking tools have a 0.400 inch range, but since many engines have wider lengths, Summit Racing offers extensions for other common combinations too.

summit racing EZ Pushrod Length Checker IN Use with allen wrench
(Image/Summit Racing)

These EZ Pushrod Length Checkers are machined from high quality stainless steel. They’re available for most of the popular American V8 engines and Summit Racing also offers versions tailored to small engines, like the common Briggs & Stratton motors used in Jr. Dragster competition. See what’s available below.

Summit Racing EZ Pushrod Length Checker Kit Tools
Summit Racing makes versions of its EZ Pushrod Length Checkers available for specific engines, or in more comprehensive kits for professional engine builders that cover a range of applications. (Image/Summit Racing)