Like many gearheads, we’re suckers for a good, tough exhaust note. So when our pals over at Summit Racing told us about their new lineup of American-made mufflers, our ears understandably perked up.

They’re calling these the Summit Racing Freedom ST Series Mufflers and, yeah, there’s a lot to like here.

Summit Racing Freedom ST Muffler
(Image/Summit Racing)

For starters, yup, each muffler in the Summit Racing Freedom ST line is 100 percent built in the USA. And they’re made from 409 stainless steel too, so they’ll resist the rust and corrosion that usually spell doom for a muffler.

More importantly, these mufflers offer a simply amazing flow rate. In fact, the Summit Racing folks tell us that there’s only about a three CFM difference between these and a three inch straight pipe.

The impressive flow is thanks to a straight flow-through design that eliminates the need for any restrictive baffles or packing materials. The mufflers are specially designed to mitigate drone while still delivering an oh-so-good performance exhaust tone.

Summit Racing makes its Freedom ST mufflers in a myriad of sizes and inlet/outlet configurations. (Image/Summit Racing)

Best of all, you can get these Summit Racing Freedom ST mufflers in pretty much any popular tubing OD, and inlet/outlet configuration you’d need. See what your options are by clicking your exhaust tubing inlet size below.

Summit Racing Freedom ST Muffler Options