Scouring scrapyards and online ads for engine blocks is a gearhead rite of passage. Problem is, once you finally find the right block, haul it back to your shop, and clean it all up, you still run the risk of finding tiny cracks in the casting or other potentially serious wear and tear issues.

Some things can be fixed by a competent machine shop, while others mean all that hassle just resulted in a fancy anchor. And even if it is a quality core, there’s a good chance you’ll spend plenty of dough at the machine shop getting it prepped for your build regardless.

That’s why nowadays, many engine builders are looking to aftermarket blocks—specifically ones that feature enhanced castings.

…Which brings us to the new lineup of Summit Racing SPC Engine Blocks.

Summit Racing spc sbc engine block casting, front
Summit Racing initially offers versions of the venerable small block Chevy engine, but there are more options coming soon. (Image/Summit Racing)

According to Summit Racing, SPC stands for Street, Performance, and Competition—so that should give you a good idea that these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill SBCs.

For starters, Summit Racing SPC iron blocks are casted in Germany, using all-new molds.

Then, they’re finished to razor-tight tolerances on high-precision machines right here in the U.S.A. In other words, you can skip a lot of the time-consuming and costly machine shop work that typically goes in to prepping a used block for a fresh build.

Close up of clearanced engine casting for stroker kit
The SPC blocks for small block Chevy applications come pre-clearance so you can plunk in your Stroker crank without a headache. (Image/Summit Racing)

Now, remember what we said about enhancements up there in the headline? The SPC block’s got plenty.

Four-bolt main caps are standard, with splayed outers—with a priority main oiling system, no less.

The block is compatible with factory-style roller cams and you can choose between one- or two-piece main seal options. And check out the picture above, Summit Racing notches the blocks in just the right spots so you can run a Stroker kit without having to bust out your grinder.

Summit Racing spc engine block casting
(Image/Summit Racing)

Now look, these blocks are premium castings from a “Tier 1” OEM foundry and are priced as such—but here’s the thing, when you add in the hassle of digging up an old block and all the extra time (and money) it takes to get it machined true for a build, these Summit Racing SPC blocks start to make a ton of sense.

You can get more details on the blocks available now by clicking the part numbers below:

  • SUM-150200 – Small Block Chevy, 350 Mains, 4.000″ Bore, 2-piece RMS
  • SUM-150201 – Small Block Chevy, 400 Mains, 4.125″ Bore, 2-piece RMS
  • SUM-150202 – Small Block Chevy, 350 Mains, 4.125″ Bore, 2-piece RMS
  • SUM-150203 – Small Block Chevy, 350 Mains, 4.000″ Bore, 1-piece RMS
  • SUM-150204 – Small Block Chevy, 350 Mains, 4.125″ Bore, 1-piece RMS
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