While it’s exhilarating to push a performance vehicle to the envelope, there are some limits—of both the budgetary and legal kind.

That’s why radio controlled cars and trucks are such a great alternative, as you can have just as much fun tearing around the trail or tarmac without causing serious damage to your wallet or driving record.

And that’s also why we’re big fans of ARRMA RC cars and trucks.

ARRMA cars and trucks often feature a classic silhouette with some wild custom touches. (Image/ARRMA)

Not only do ARRMA radio controlled cars and trucks ooze modern style, they’re built super tough and designed to be tossed into curves, run over rocks, and flown through the dirt.

Or, as ARRMA puts it, “Don’t just bash, BLAST.”

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Here’s a good look at the detail on an ARRMA Infraction 1:7 scale RC truck. (Image/ARRMA)

ARRMA offers a wide range of RC trucks, buggies, race cars, and beyond, across several price tiers. There are entry level options all the way up to serious performance models. Each ARRMA RC car and truck features top-quality construction, using the latest battery tech, reliable DC motors, and ultra-rugged components.

And the best part? ARRMA RC vehicles are adjustable and tunable, so you can tinker and tweak to your heart’s content.

With the body shell removed, you can see the level of quality and detail ARRMA puts into each one of its cars and trucks. (Image/ARRMA)

You’ll also notice the letters RTR emblazoned on several of ARRMA’s radio controlled models. That’s a nod to Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Ready to Rock (RTR) vehicle company—adding another level of authenticity to these thoroughly detailed RC cars and trucks.

All told, if you’re looking for a way to satisfy your tinkering, building, and go-fast inclinations with a small-scale budget, then ARRMA radio controlled models are a great way to do it.

This is a 1:10 scale ARRMA Granite monster truck doing its thing on a dirt trail. (Image/ARRMA)

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