It’s no secret that E85 is an attractive alternative to race gas. (In fact, Steeda did a good job explaining why with a dyno comparison test. Check it out here: How Much Can E85 Improve Power Output vs. Race Fuel?)

Problem is, most factory flex fuel setups require a sensor that’s plumbed into the fuel line so your vehicle’s ECM can monitor the ethanol content of the fuel. And that sensor often becomes a choke point for performance-tuned engines that need a high volume flow of E85.

But Summit Racing has an ingenious solution in the form of a Flex Fuel Sensor Bypass unit.

Made to work with the ACDelco flex fuel sensor part number 13507129, this bypass unit still sends enough fuel through the sensor to keep your ECM happy, while most of the fuel continues on its merry way to the injectors.

The Summit Racing Flex Fuel Sensor Bypass comes with -6, -8, and -10 AN adapter fittings with methanol-resistant O-rings to accommodate a range of fuel line setups. (Image/Summit Racing)

In other words, the Summit Racing Flex Fuel Sensor Bypass eliminates a ton of restriction in the fuel line, allowing you to run a high volume, high flow fuel system in your performance or race car.

The sensor itself is made from billet aluminum and comes with extra AN fittings to accommodate different sizes of fuel line. Get more details on the the Summit Racing Flex Fuel Sensor Bypass here.

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