Thanks to benefits like a higher octane rating and better cooling capabilities, E85 fuel is becoming a popular choice for high performance engine builders and racers. And since E85 is often cheaper and available at local gas pumps, it makes E85 an even more attractive alternative to high octane race fuel.

But how much of a performance improvement can E85 fuel actually provide?

Well, the performance professionals over at Steeda Autosports set out to answer that question with some real-world dyno testing.

Ford Foxbody Mustang during dyno run pull
(Image/The Steeda YouTube Channel)

The Steeda folks start with a mighty Fox Body Mustang equipped with a built 438 Windsor running 13:1 compression. On the street with timing dialed back, the Mustang sips on 93 octane pump gas—but at the track, it runs 110 octane VP racing fuel.

So what happens when you fill the tank with corn juice?

Find out as Steeda does a comparison test between the 93 octane pump gas, the 110 octane VP race fuel, and some ordinary ethanol-blend E85.

The video below is over 10 minutes long and is packed with dyno pulls and horsepower/torque charts. As you’d imagine there are timing adjustments, injector swaps, and other tweaks along the way as well. Check it out, because the results are pretty darn surprising—and impressive.

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