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Video: Is Flex Fuel Just Another Name for Ethanol?
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Video: Is Flex Fuel Just Another Name for Ethanol?

The terms “Flex Fuel” and “Ethanol” are often used interchangeably—and they really shouldn’t be. Fortunately, the fine folks at Cobb Tuning Products made this quick, one-minute video as part of […]

C5 Corvette with Advanced Fuel Dynamics PROFLEX
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Parts Bin: Advanced Fuel Dynamics PROFLEX Commander Flex Fuel Systems

Advanced Fuel Dynamics’ PROFLEX Commander Flex Fuel System is a plug-and-play, bolt-on kit that lets you run E85 in your late-model vehicle. The performance potential of ethanol-blended fuel is well […]

E85 corrosion test
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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: E85 Pump-Gas Additives—Not Ethanol—Cause Corrosion

Hi, I was wondering if you could help answer a few questions and doubts I have about moving forward with my E85 build. I know there’s a lot of hype […]