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Video: Is Flex Fuel Just Another Name for Ethanol?


The terms “Flex Fuel” and “Ethanol” are often used interchangeably—and they really shouldn’t be.

Fortunately, the fine folks at Cobb Tuning Products made this quick, one-minute video as part of their “Car Quickies with Cobb” series that’ll walk you through the nuances. And it’ll show you how the aftermarket has stepped up with upgrade parts to help you get the most performance from flex fuel.

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  2. I remember back in the early 80s when they were trying to push “Gasahol” a Corn Based Gasoline. Same price as regular gasoline but cut 1/2 corn alcohol(?) I tried it a couple of times in my 1966 Mercedes-Benz 250S which was touchy with fuels.
    On the highway it was fine, around town it was a bit sluggish, Also when you would open the 4bbl you would get some pinging(I was heavy on the 4bbl)
    But I did notice with the tail pipe when I used regular gasoline I would get a dark gray tint inside the tailpipe, with the gasahol… A light Tan color which tells me a cleaner burning fuel. Also less Carbon deposits on the Spark Plugs. Those older Mercedes use Sodium filled Valve’s designed for “leaded fuel” so I always kept up on it.
    I used it for as long as it was available,especially trips from V.A.Beach to New York. Never had a problem.

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