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Video: How to Choose the Right Fuel Hose For Your Vehicle Project

Automotive fuel has changed a lot over the past few decades. From unleaded gas to today’s ethanol and flex fuels, you’ve got to make sure your car, truck, or SUV’s […]

Video: Is Flex Fuel Just Another Name for Ethanol?
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Video: Is Flex Fuel Just Another Name for Ethanol?

The terms “Flex Fuel” and “Ethanol” are often used interchangeably—and they really shouldn’t be. Fortunately, the fine folks at Cobb Tuning Products made this quick, one-minute video as part of […]

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Video: How to Test Your Fuel Gauge Sending Unit

A lot of folks mistakenly blame an inaccurate fuel level gauge on the gauge itself—instead of its sending unit. That means they’ll likely go through the hassle of installing a […]


Mailbag: Explaining Gasoline Octane Ratings

Q: What do the different gasoline octane ratings mean? … A: The octane rating measures the performance of a particular fuel blend. The higher the number, the more compression it […]

Oldsmobile F85 Race Car
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Race Consumables: A Checklist of Fluids for Your Next Trip to the Race Track

Presuming you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy excruciating muscle cramps, you probably make a point to hydrate before going on a long run, a bike ride, or engaging […]

E85 corrosion test
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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: E85 Pump-Gas Additives—Not Ethanol—Cause Corrosion

Hi, I was wondering if you could help answer a few questions and doubts I have about moving forward with my E85 build. I know there’s a lot of hype […]

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Return or Returnless: Which Fuel System is Right for You? (Video)

Returnless fuel systems are becoming more common in new vehicles. As we learned in a recent Jeff Smith Ask Away! column, the increased use is due in part to tightening federal […]

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Mailbag: What is Compression and How Does it Relate to Octane?

Got questions? We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we discuss the basics of compression and how it relates to your fuel octane. […]