At first glance, it might make sense to pack your oil pump with some chassis grease or white lithium grease to make sure it’s good and lubed prior to the engine’s initial startup.

But heavy grease like that can clog the pump housing and internal oil passages, potentially causing a ton of friction-related engine problems in the process.

(Image/The Melling Engine Parts YouTube Channel)

Unfortunately, the engine experts at Melling see this happen a lot.

To help prevent others from making the same mistake, they made this quick video that’ll give you an up-close look at what happens when you pack an oil pump with heavy chassis grease.

Better yet, they’ll show you the correct way to lubricate your oil pump before bolting it to your engine—oh, and it’s really easy to do too.

If you really want to get into the weeds on oil pump prep prior to install, read this: Are You Still Installing Oil Pumps Right Out of The Box?

The video is less than three minutes long and can help prevent you from making a very costly mistake on your next engine build. Check it out:

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