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Mailbag: Selecting the Right Oil Pump for a Twin-Turbo Chevy LQ4

Q. I’m building a twin-turbo Chevy LQ4 engine and I’m not sure which oil pump to use. Melling’s Performance line has several to choose from. Can you give me some […]

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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Does My Mild Small Block Chevy Need a High Pressure or High Volume Oil Pump?

I am about to rebuild a 350 small block Chevy that originally came out of a truck. We’re going to add new forged pistons, better rods, and if I can […]

Melling shark tooth oil pump
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A Closer Look at Melling’s New Shark Tooth Oil Pumps

The spur gear wet sump oil pump has been around for a long time. A very long time. It works pretty well, and there have been improvements over the years. […]

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Video 101: Oil Pump Pressure vs. Flow

One of the biggest misconceptions about oil pumps centers around oil pressure. As this video from Melling explains, oil pumps don’t produce oil pressure. They flow a particular volume of […]

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Oil Well: Choosing the Proper Pressure and Volume for Your Oil Pump

When picking an oil pump for an engine build, what do you select: standard replacement, high pressure, high volume, or both (high pressure and high volume)? That’s a question we […]