Got an early first-gen Ford Bronco? Then, unless it’s already been upgraded, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a manual steering box.

That’s because Ford didn’t see fit to offer a power steering option on the Ford Bronco until 1973.

So if you’re an early Bronco owner and your forearms are already aching at the thought of navigating a trail or, worse yet, a crowded parking lot, then the steering pros from Lares have some good news.

blue first gen ford bronco suv
While first-gen Ford Broncos are undeniably awesome, if you’ve ever lugged one around a parking lot with manual box, you’d probably welcome a power steering upgrade. (Image/OnAllCylinders)

The Lares Power Steering Box for early Ford Broncos is a direct replacement for the manual one, and can seriously enhance your Bronco’s drivability by improving your steering performance to 4.75 turns, lock-to-lock. That’s a good ratio that blends off-road and on-road practicality.

These are all new, not remanufactured gear boxes too, and are designed and built to OE spec to ensure a factory fit and finish.

(Image/Summit Racing)

Of course, a steering box is only part of the equation. For a full power steering retrofit, you’ll need to add a power steering pump, plumbing, and some other odds and ends, but the Lares Corporation can help you out with a lot of that stuff as well.

And it’s also worth pointing out that Lares doesn’t just do Broncos; it makes power steering upgrade parts for plenty of other classics, including 1962-72 Mopars and vintage GMs too.

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