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Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Diagnosing Steering Box Lock-Up Problems

I recently decided to upgrade my steering box in my S-10 pickup. I’ve read that the S-10 uses a very similar front suspension as the G-body cars from that same […]

EPAS steering column install

Video: Installing an EPAS Performance Electric Steering Kit in a Foxbody Mustang

People have been saying it for years. Maybe you’re one of them. The best-looking cars in the world are vintage muscle cars, hot rods, and cruisers that are typically 40 […]

Power Steering Pump Bleeding Still
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Video: How to Bleed and Fill a Power Steering System

Most seasoned gearheads know perfectly well how to bleed a brake system, but many are unaware of how to properly bleed a power steering system. It’s an important process to […]

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A Quick Guide to Diagnosing 10 Common Steering Issues

Sloppy steering giving you fits? Before you curse your steering system, you need to pinpoint the actual cause of problem. Poor steering may actually be the result of suspension system issues, […]