Video: Installing an EPAS Performance Electric Steering Kit in a Foxbody Mustang

EPAS steering column install

(Image/EPAS Performance)

People have been saying it for years. Maybe you’re one of them.

The best-looking cars in the world are vintage muscle cars, hot rods, and cruisers that are typically 40 years old, or older, and they’re the cars we all want to be seen in but—if we’re being honest—don’t necessarily enjoy driving as much as our daily drivers.

Up and down the performance spectrum, the driving experience has largely improved over the years from ongoing technological innovation at both the OEM and aftermarket levels.

Enter EPAS Performance and the company’s electric power steering systems for classic vehicles like muscle cars and hot rods, which help bring the pleasure of the modern driving experience to vintage cars and trucks.

EPAS power steering kits use a small electric motor and ECU to deliver exceptional steering response and control, and are fully adjustable to deliver whatever power assist you want for steering.

In today’s video, the electric power steering pros at EPAS Performance are going to show you how to install one of their steering kits into a Foxbody Mustang.

The kit includes the electric motor, ECU module, firewall plate, mounting bracket, steering shaft, and universal joint, and the pros at EPAS Performance will take you step by step through the installation process.

They don’t promise it will be easy. Only that it will be worth it.

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  1. Tom Martin says:

    Hi. can i buy a epas system for a 65 aussie falcon, would be the same as usa, but right hand drive.does it come with the steering column internals to use with my stock xp column. the only difference would be i want be using the stock steering box. i will be putting rack and pinion in.Any videos you have on falcon installation would be much appreciated. Thankyou Tom

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