Most seasoned gearheads know perfectly well how to bleed a brake system, but many are unaware of how to properly bleed a power steering system.

It’s an important process to understand though: an improperly bled power steering system can result in poor steering, a noisy pump, and worse yet—total pump failure.

To compound the issue, despite both systems relying on hydraulics, the bleeding process for power steering is significantly different than that of a brake system.

The fine folks at Cardone are here to help you with this quick video that will show you how to properly bleed a power steering system.

The good news is that the bleeding process is pretty easy and is unlikely to require any specialized tools or unusual techniques.

NOTE: According to this video, a vacuum pump may be required in certain instances. The vacuum pump bleeding kits are relatively inexpensive. 

In the video, you’ll see how to properly eliminate any trapped air bubbles from your power steering lines to ensure reliable and consistent power steering pump operation—while preventing premature wear in the process.