From constant on/off thermostat cycling to exposure to extreme heat and moisture, your vehicle’s stock electric fans often see a lot of abuse.

Bearings fail, connectors corrode, and motors burn out—but when the time comes for a replacement, you don’t have to make a costly trip to the dealer or a slog through a junkyard.

Dorman tests its fans in extreme environments to ensure each one can handle the heat in your engine. (Image/Dorman)

Instead, check out Dorman’s Electric Fan Assemblies.

They’re made to OE spec, use the stock electrical connectors, and fit just like the factory intended. These are great, affordable replacements for your vehicle’s stock fan(s) and can go a long way towards restoring your cooling system efficiency.

And though Dorman has fans for hundreds of vehicle/engine configurations, one particular application really sticks out:

The 1996-2000 Ford Contour

Dorman’s Ford Contour fans are a smart alternative to a junkyard. (Image/Dorman)

It seems Ford struck gold when it designed the Ford Contour’s fan setup, combining a pair of highly efficient electric fans with a durable shroud (that has big mounting tabs) to create a versatile drop-in fan assembly that fits dang-near perfectly in a lot of classic cars and trucks.

Gearheads, off-roaders, and hot rodders soon realized how handy these fans are, and began pillaging junkyards to grab them. As a result, your chances of finding a Ford Contour in a junkyard with its fan intact are slim-to-none, so these OE-spec ones from Dorman are a great alternative.

See the Dorman Fan Assembly for the Ford Contour here.

Our pal Jeff Smith is a big “fan” (eyeroll) of the Ford Contour setup too. Read about his experiences here: Fitting an Electric Fan Conversion in a Big Block-Swapped 1966 Chevelle