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Parts Bin: Replace Your Leaky, Cracked, or Otherwise Busted Exhaust Manifolds with OE-Spec Ones from Dorman

Exhaust manifolds put up with a lot, including vibration, heat cycling, and constant pressure pulses. So it’s no surprise that after thousands upon thousands of miles, they can develop cracks […]

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Dorman Offers Low-Cost Fix for High Oil-Consuming Modern GM Engines

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by the smart folks at Dorman Auto Parts, which has been around since 1918, specializing in quality OE-fit replacement parts. You can read […]

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Video: How to Wire an Automotive Electrical Relay

You don’t have to be a wiring guru to understand the principle of an electrical relay. Quite simply, relays are essentially switches that can be remote-controlled. They work by using […]

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Video 101: Installing a Dorman Replacement Instrument Cluster

Are the factory gauges in your car or truck inaccurate, inoperable, or just giving you fits? One of the traditional arguments against replacing the entire gauge cluster (versus diagnosing and repairing the […]

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Quick Test: Dyno Testing Dorman’s LS6 Intake Manifold

Ask and you shall receive, LS fanatics. You’ve continued to express a strong demand for the old GM LS6 intake manifold. That’s because the one-piece Nylon intake has always been a […]