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Parts Bin: Replace Your Leaky, Cracked, or Otherwise Busted Exhaust Manifolds with OE-Spec Ones from Dorman

Inline six engines are notorious for cracked, leaky manifolds, and even the legendary Jeep 4.0L isn’t immune. (Image/Summit Racing)

Exhaust manifolds put up with a lot, including vibration, heat cycling, and constant pressure pulses. So it’s no surprise that after thousands upon thousands of miles, they can develop cracks and leaks.

And there’s perhaps no noise more irritating than the tick-tick-tick-tick of a leaky exhaust manifold.

Problem is, OE factory exhaust manifolds can be mighty expensive when you buy them at the dealership, especially if they’ve got a built-in catalytic converter. And yanking them off a scrapyard motor can be tough—if you can find them in the first place.

More importantly, many states have strict emissions requirements, which means swapping busted manifolds out for headers is not an option.

Enter Dorman and its broad line of OE-style exhaust manifolds.

If your original manifold has a built-in catalytic converter, the Dorman replacement one will too. (Image/Summit Racing)

Made to meet or exceed OEM factory specs, these manifolds are a prudent replacement for an old, leaky stock manifold that won’t exhaust (eyeroll) your bank account. And they often come with the gaskets and replacement hardware you need to finish the job too.

Best of all, Dorman’s exhaust manifolds are 50-state emissions legal.

There are hundreds of engine applications available too, including late model ones like the Ford Modular V8, GM LS, Mopar Hemi Gen III, and—yes—even the venerable AMC Jeep 4.0L.

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