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Video: How to Wire an Automotive Electrical Relay


(Image/YouTube – Dorman)

You don’t have to be a wiring guru to understand the principle of an electrical relay.

Quite simply, relays are essentially switches that can be remote-controlled.

They work by using the principles of electro-magnetism.

When energized by a simple 12-volt source, the magnet will either turn the electrical switch on or off.

Want more information about how relays work? Read this, Relay Case: How to Use Relays and Why You Need Them

Wiring a relays is pretty basic, but can be confusing to folks without a ton of electrical experience.

The folks over at Dorman made this quick, one-minute video that walks you through a typical automotive relay’s wiring procedure.

It’s a quick watch, and very useful in understanding what you’ll be working with when installing a relay.

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  1. Thank you, this was needed.

  2. Zeppo Jaworski says:

    My God, I am so glad they did this public service. My family is so appreciate of this.

  3. I have found out over the years that nothing works better then a wiring diagram. Even a simple one that would have fit in this 40 second quickey.

  4. What about 5 pin relays?

  5. I am old school, I straight wire everything and use fuses wrapped in aluminum foil. Never had a problem.

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