Dorman’s got replacement oil pans for pretty much every popular engine out there—like this one for the 5.7L GM LS. (Image/Summit Racing)

Given their proximity to the road (or trail) surface, oil pans see a lot of abuse. From rocks and branches, to that inexplicable shovel laying on the freeway, an errant object can quickly put an end to yours—usually in the form of a massive dent, puncture, or sheared mounting holes.

Problem is, going to a dealer for a new one can be pretty darn expensive. And sourcing one from a salvage yard? Well, it’s a tedious and really, really messy job. (Imagine lying on your back in gravel, fiddling with crud-crusted bolts as oil oozes all over your shirt.)

Thankfully, Dorman’s got an alternative that’ll save your wallet—and your wardrobe.

Just check out the massive lineup of Dorman OEM-spec oil pans.

Dorman makes sure to include all the features of the original pan too—like the extra skid plate welded on this pan for an AMC 258 inline six. (Image/Summit Racing)

Dorman makes these oil pans perfectly on-spec with the originals, right down to the factory stamping marks. And it uses the original materials too, whether that’s steel, fiberglass, or plastic.

But the best news? At the time of this post, there are over 500 oil pan applications available, ranging from popular engines like the GM LS, Small/Big Block Chevy, Ford Windsor, and Chrysler Gen. III Hemi, to V12s, Boxer fours, and inline sixes. In other words, there’s a good chance they’ve got one for your ride.

Oil pan gaskets, oil pan drain plugs, and clean clothes are sold separately.

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