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Parts Bin: Derale’s PWM Electric Fan Controller Adjusts Fan Speed for Quiet & Efficient Temperature Regulation

For most vehicles running electric cooling fans, they’re either on or off—without a whole lot of middle ground. When the temperature sensor says the coolant is too hot, the fans […]

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Video: A Quick Primer on Electric Cooling Fans

“Electric cooling fans are the way to go for freeing up horsepower and for keeping your engine cool at all driving speeds,” says four-time NHRA Pro Stock champ Greg Anderson. […]

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Electric Fan 4-1-1: Everything You Need to Know About Electric Fans

The heat generated from stop-and-go-driving, racing, and towing can kill engines. A well-designed electric cooling fan is critical to prevent engine overheating—a good fan will provide the airflow needed to […]

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Video: An Introduction to Electric Fans

Learn some of the basics of electric fans, and why installing a pusher fan, puller fan, or reversible electric fan might help you achieve the engine performance you seek. In […]

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Fan Club: How to Choose an Electric Fan in 4 Easy Steps

A couple weeks back, we asked the question: Mechanical vs. Electric Fans: Which is Best for Your Vehicle? If you’ve determined that an electric fan is the best choice for […]

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Mechanical vs. Electric Fans: Which is Best for Your Vehicle?

  Do I have the right fan for my cooling system needs? This post will cover all the fan options available for your ride.   Mechanical Fans  Mechanical fans rely […]