(Image/Summit Racing)

When it comes time to install your turbo system, you may encounter a handful of different exhaust tubing and turbo mounting configurations—particularly the V-band clamp and four-bolt flange.

But with Summit Racing’s handy turbo adapters, it won’t matter which one you’ve got. That’s because these adapters let you convert a V-band mount to a flange (or vice versa). Suffice it to say, that makes mounting or swapping turbo components much, much easier.

There’s also a 90 degree design (SUM-260065) with a flange that accepts either a T3 or T4 mount configuration. (Image/Summit Racing)

Made from cast stainless steel, the adapter flange thickness is 0.5 inch and the total adapter width is roughly 1.5 inches.

These turbo adapters come in a few configurations:

The adapters join an expanding line of turbo products from Summit Racing which includes (among other things) turbo housings, wastegates and blowoff valves, and hot side tubing fabrication kits.

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