(Image/Summit Racing’s YouTube Channel)

More important than ETs, checkered flags, and horsepower is racer safety. Which is why our pals over at Summit Racing released a Racing Safety Gear Video Series highlighting some essential pieces of safety equipment every racer needs to have in order to compete safely.


Today, let’s discuss racing harnesses.

A good racing harness isn’t just vital in keeping you safe during a crash, it’s an essential part of making sure you’re planted firmly in your seat, so you can maintain control of your vehicle.

Yet it’s not as simple as picking a harnesses that fits the seat you’re using—you’ve got a ton of other factors to consider, including its proper installation. After all, even a precisely-spec’d racing harness won’t protect you if it’s not installed correctly.

That’s why, even though we’ve already published a 101-style post on safety harnesses, this video from Summit Racing is so valuable. It’ll show you some common harness types with a direct visual component, as well as explain a lot of the safety harness terminology you’ll come across as you shop for a harness for your race car.

And given how fast racing safety technology is evolving lately, it’s a great watch even for experienced racers.

The seven-minute video covers a ton of ground, so check it out below.