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Parts Bin: Zamp ZR-60 Race Shoes

It’s an objective fact that one of the worst days in any child’s life is the day that he or she must trade in in Velcro shoes for lace-up ones. […]

Impact Racing NecksGen REV head and neck restraint system
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Brace Yourself: How to Properly Install Impact Racing’s NecksGen Head and Neck Support Brace

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” – Ernest Hemingway … You have to appreciate the boldness of the drivers from the […]

Tom Hoffman's 1968 Ford Mustang Open Comp, Side

Safety First, Safety Fast—A Racer’s Take on Safety Gear

NORWALK, OH – In racing, safety is as important as horsepower. For that reason, we talked to racers about staying safe on the track at the 2017 NMCA All-American Nationals at […]

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Mailbag: What Helmet is Required for My Racing Class?

Q: I race a 12-second bracket car and I need to replace my Snell SA2005 helmet. Can you tell me what rating is currently required for my car’s class? A: […]

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HANS 101: How to Choose the Right HANS Device

Editor’s Note: June is OnAllCylinders safety month and will feature stories and tips on a variety of safety equipment. The HANS Device has been around since the early 1980s but gained […]

kirkey seat with g-force safety harness
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Safety Harnesses 101: How to Choose Your OTHER Seat Belt

Editor’s Note: June is OnAllCylinders safety month and will feature stories and tips on a variety of safety equipment. All legitimately sanctioned racing requires participating drivers to buckle up. In race […]

courtney force in helmet
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Racing Helmets 101: How to Choose the Right Racing Helmet

  While SFI specifications are the thing by which most auto racing safety equipment is measured, your helmet is a different animal. Helmets are rated by the Snell Memorial Foundation, and […]

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Buyer’s Guide: Mechanix Wear Gloves

Most people who spend a lot of time working with their hands are accustomed to wearing work gloves and might already have a favorite brand. Maybe Mechanix Wear gloves are already […]

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Product Profile: Collector Tethers Will Help You Pass Tech Inspection at Racetrack

NHRA has instituted a rule requiring that all racecars be equipped with an NHRA-approved tethering system for header collectors, or a minimum half-inch stitch weld located on each primary tube. […]

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A Safety Gear Buyer’s Guide: The Fast and Fashionable Edition

Spring is in the air—which means a couple things here at OnAllCylinders: Racing season is ramping up. And… It’s fashion season! You guys are totally into fashion, too, right!? Of […]