(Image/Summit Racing’s YouTube Channel)

More important than ETs, checkered flags, and horsepower is racer safety. Which is why our pals over at Summit Racing released a Racing Safety Gear Video Series highlighting some essential pieces of safety equipment every racer needs to have in order to compete safely.


Today we’re talking about Driving Suits.

A good racing suit will protect you from flames, abrasion, and a whole lot more. And on top of all that, it has to be comfortable enough to be worn in a high-stress, high-heat environment. That’s why it’s so critical to ensure you’ve got the right race suit for the type of racing you’re competing in.

This is another topic we’ve covered before in a standalone article, but this video is packed with a ton of more information, including direct quotes from race sanctioning body rulebooks and in-car footage from the track.

At just under 10 minutes long, the video goes deep into subjects like race suit material and the pros/cons of one-piece and two-piece race suits. So whether you’re new to racing, or simply looking replace your old, worn suit, it’s definitely worth a watch to ensure you’re current with ever-advancing safety technology.