Nope, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you—that’s really an LS under there. (Image/LS Classic – Lokar)

In an older hot rod or musclecar, the modern LS motor and its coil-on-plug valve covers can look more out-of-place than Marlon Brando’s wristwatch in the Superman Movie.

But fear not, as part of its LS Classic Series, Lokar has an entire line of valve covers to help you mitigate the anachronistic aesthetic of that neoteric powerplant. (Or in less fancy talk, it’ll make your LS look like an old-school Chevy engine.)

What’s really neat about these valve covers is that the LS Classic Series gives you the chance to select the type of vintage Chevy mill you want to mimic: W-Series Big Block, Mark IV Big Block, and (of course) the SBC.

With faithful reproduction stickers, your LS engine will look like it came out of GM’s Tonawanda plant sometime during the 1960s. (Image/LS Classic – Lokar)

LS in a 1963 Impala? Go with a set of 409 W-Series big block valve covers. LS in a late-60s Corvette? Opt for the Mark IV big block valve covers. And if you want to pull off a small block look, the LS Classic Series has you covered there too, with LS valve covers designed to imitate ones found on a SBC.

Best of all, the LS Classic Series covers feature faux perimeter “bolts” and are available with authentic-looking Chevy decals to ensure they really look the part.

The cast aluminum valve covers bolt directly to the LS heads with no need for special adapters. Depending on the application, they include a functional, vintage-style oil filler cap and are two inches tall. With no provisions for the coil brackets, you’ll need to relocate your ignition coils to install these valve covers.

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