Save yourself future frustration by prepping your hubs before swapping brake rotors. (Image/Power Stop’s YouTube Channel)

A little while back, we featured a tool to help you remove a brake rotor that’s seized to a wheel hub. While that’s a pretty handy gadget to have in your shop, it’s always better to avoid a seized rotor in the first place.

That’s why proper hub prep is critical when replacing brake rotors.

More importantly, you can’t just toss a new rotor on an old, rusty hub because it can cause wheel vibration or a pulsing brake pedal. In fact, we’ve seen plenty of misdiagnosed “warped” rotors that were instead caused by a rusty, gritty hub surface.

So check out this video from the brake brainiacs over at Power Stop. In just 30 seconds, it’ll show you how to prepare your hub surface to accept a new rotor.

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