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Video: How (& Why) to Prepare a Wheel Hub When Replacing Brake Rotors

A little while back, we featured a tool to help you remove a brake rotor that’s seized to a wheel hub. While that’s a pretty handy gadget to have in […]

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Hot Rod Home School (Lesson #3): How to Replace Brake Rotors and Pads

Hot Rod Home School continues with your another job that aspiring home mechanics can perform to get their feet wet: brake replacement. Particularly, we’re talking about brake pads and brake […]

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6 Brake Rotor Myths Debunked

It’s time to debunk some brake rotor myths. Myths that, on the surface, seem to make sense in many cases. But ultimately, believing these myths won’t resolve actual brake system problems. […]

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Baer Essentials: Choosing the Right Brake Components for a Street-Strip Car

Big cars need big brakes. While a common drag car might weigh 2,400-2,800 pounds, today’s street-strip machines can easily weigh more than 3,500 pounds. Often these heavy, fast cars tax […]

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Basic Maintenance Series: 10 Tell-Tale Signs of Brake Wear

The Car Care Council is dedicated to educating vehicle owners about the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance through its “Be Car Care Aware” program. One of the most important vehicle components you need […]

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How to Season Brake Rotors

Seasoning your brake rotors is an essential part of preparing your brake system for heavy-duty or high-performance braking. In the interest of keeping yourself safe and maximizing the life of […]

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How to Choose Aftermarket Brake Rotors

As is true with the selection of almost any automotive part, how you’re going to use the part you’re shopping for means everything. Brake rotors are no different. A good […]

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Disc Brakes Made Easy: Dissecting Summit Racing’s Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Back when our old cars were new, drum brakes were the standard. It wasn’t so much that drums were good at their job. They were familiar technology and more importantly, […]