Ever develop a weird shake or pulse from your disc brakes as you push the brake pedal? Yet, when you get down to look through the wheel at the brake rotor, everything appears fine?

Well, you’re not getting the whole picture. In order to do a quality inspection of your brake system, you need to remove the wheel and pull back the caliper to fully check both the pads and, more importantly, the back of the rotor.

(Image/The Raybestos Brakes YouTube Channel)

And that’s specifically important because of a condition called “rust jacking,” which can quietly compromise your braking performance.

So we were happy to see this video from the brake pros at Raybestos. It’ll walk you through a textbook case of rust jacking, and show you how it affects both the pads and rotor.

More importantly, this video provides some telltale signs and causes—which will go a long way towards preventing rust jacking in the future. Check it out: