Put the hammer down! Use this tool from Astro Pneumatic to free your seized rotors and drums. (Image/Summit Racing)

Ever have a brake drum or rotor seize solid to your wheel hub? It’ll turn an easy brake or axle job into an adventure—one that usually involves a big freakin’ hammer, a strained back, and a handful of aspirin.

Not any more.

The Astro Pneumatic Tool Company has a Heavy-Duty Drum and Rotor Puller that’ll make short work of removing brake drums and rotors up to 14 inches in diameter. Just set the adjustable jaws around the drum flange or rotor surface, and then start turning the large center bolt.

A couple zaps with an impact wrench and that darn rotor or drum will likely pop right off, so you can finish your brake or axle job, and get back to enjoying your weekend.

With the handy adapters Astro Pneumatic includes, the tool can be used to pull stubborn hubs too. (Image/Summit Racing)

Astro Pneumatic includes adapters to convert it into a hub puller too. (If you’ve ever had a hub stuck on its splines, then you already know how handy that could be….)

And it all comes packaged in a nice plastic storage case.

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