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Video: What Are Brake Pad Wear Sensors & When Should You Replace Them?

For older cars and trucks, brake pad manufacturers often put a hard metal tab on one of the pads so that, when the pad wears down enough, the metal tab […]

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Video: Tips on How to Install Aluminum Brake Calipers Properly

For decades, most brake calipers have been made from cast iron. Cast iron is a strong, durable material, but it’s also really heavy. To help shed weight and improve performance […]

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What’s the Difference Between Single- & Dual-Circuit Brake Systems? (And Why You Need to Know the Distinction!)

It’s a big “duh” to say that brakes are vitally important to your driving safety. Yet, while hydraulic brake systems have been around for over a century now, if you’re […]

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Video: How to Measure Axle Standoff (AKA Brake Space) to Ensure Good Brake Caliper Alignment

Install custom brakes? Swapping axles? Retrofitting rear discs? Then friend, you’re in the right place. The fine folks over at Baer Brakes developed a handy video that’ll walk you through […]

Parts Bin: Pull Seized Drums & Rotors the Easy Way with This Handy Tool from Astro Pneumatic
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Parts Bin: Pull Seized Drums & Rotors the Easy Way with This Handy Tool from Astro Pneumatic

Ever have a brake drum or rotor seize solid to your wheel hub? It’ll turn an easy brake or axle job into an adventure—one that usually involves a big freakin’ […]

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Video: How to Check and Inspect a Disc Brake Caliper

Got a weird noise, shimmy, or other unpleasantness coming from your disc brakes? Before you start throwing money at the problem, step one is to pull your wheel off and […]

Raybestos Master Cylinder Bench Bleeding Video Still
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Video: How to Bench Bleed a Brake Master Cylinder

If you need to replace or install a brake master cylinder, you’re going to have to “bench bleed” it before bolting the assembly to your firewall. That’s because, due to […]

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Video: The Dangers of Overfilling Your Brake Master Cylinder

When it comes time to add brake fluid to your brake system, you’ll do it at the master cylinder. But it’s not as simple as topping off the reservoir and […]

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Baer Essentials: Choosing the Right Brake Components for a Street-Strip Car

Big cars need big brakes. While a common drag car might weigh 2,400-2,800 pounds, today’s street-strip machines can easily weigh more than 3,500 pounds. Often these heavy, fast cars tax […]

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Video: How Master Cylinder Bore Size Affects Braking

Learn the basics of how your master cylinder bore size affects braking performance and pedal feel by watching this four-minute Summit Racing Quick Flicks video. The boys at Summit Racing […]