Brake calipers are an oft-overlooked component of an upgraded brake system, particularly on a truck that’s been modified for heavy-duty hauling, towing, or off-roading.

While it’s common to toss on a new set of rotors and pads, the brake calipers are equally critical, as they can provide more even pressure and grip along the surface of the brake rotor.

And that’s precisely what SSBC-USA’s B8-Barbarian Caliper Upgrade Kits deliver.

Available for both front and rear applications, these kits feature fully assembled, eight-piston calipers that supply 25 to 35 percent more stopping power over the stock brakes.

In other words, you’ll get ample “Whoa Nelly” when descending a grade, launching a boat, or coming to a stop during a highway traffic jam.

SSBC B8 Barbarian Caliper Upgrade Kit Contents
The SSBC-USA kits include the calipers, pads, pistons, bleeders, and all the hardware you’ll need to bolt them right up to the factory spot. (Image/Summit Racing)

The calipers themselves are machined from lightweight, high-strength billet aluminum and boast seven bridge bolts across the top of each caliper, making them extra, extra stiff. Each caliper also uses stainless steel bleeders and pistons too—so they’ll withstand the barrage of salt, snow, rain, and whatever other muck gets thrown around your truck’s wheel well.

And installing them is a breeze. SSBC-USA makes sure to use existing mounting points so they’ll bolt right into the original calipers’ factory location, with no other modifications required.

There’s no denying these calipers just plain look cool too, available in your choice of a black, red, or natural finish. (Image/Summit Racing)

The SSBC B8-Barbarian Caliper Upgrade Kits come with high-friction, low-dust brake pads, and all the hardware you’ll need to finish the caliper swap.

SSBC-USA currently makes its B8-Barbarian Caliper Upgrade Kits for several truck models, including these popular applications:

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