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Dash Poncho cover
(Image/Summit Racing)

Whether on the road or on the trail, in a Jeep or in a Ford Bronco, nothing quite compares to the thrill of driving with the top down and the doors off. It’s a whirlwind of fun when the sun is shining, but what happens when weather conditions worsen?

Luckily, owners of these vehicles can expect a certain degree of built-in water resistance, but neither is totally impervious to damage. Most would agree it’s not ideal to expose your ride’s interior to rain for extended periods of time, as it can leave onboard computers, LCD instrument clusters and other vital components susceptible.

This is where Dash Poncho comes in. Specially designed to protect dashboard electronics and consoles from the elements, this versatile and lightweight cover is fitted to drape over the vehicle dash when parked, making for a nice added assurance that you won’t get stuck with an avoidable repair bill.

Dash Poncho installed in vehicle
(Image/Summit Racing)

Jon Foerster wasn’t so lucky. The founder of Dash Poncho came up with the idea for the cover after he and his girlfriend found their Jeep flooded on a weekend trip. Within a week, many of the vehicle systems began acting up, and it cost him thousands of dollars to get it repaired.

Today, Dash Poncho covers have come a long way from the heavily modified shower curtain liner Foerster first started using in his own vehicle. These well-thought-out, well-designed covers are made of marine-grade canvas and feature a multitude of suction cups and bungies that can attach to various connection points, whether a vehicle’s doors are on or off.

According to the company, the cover takes only about 30 seconds to install. When not in use, it can be stowed in an included mesh storage back designed to fit over a vehicle seat headrest for convenient storage.

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