As combustion gasses creep behind the piston ring, they push the ring against the cylinder wall for a better seal. Learn why that’s important in the video below. (Image/Total Seal)

Get the performance of a gas ported piston, without the wallet porting price. Total Seal offers the best of both worlds with its Gas Ported Piston Ring Sets.

The rings have strategically placed horizontal slots that allow for combustion gasses to pass into the piston’s ring groove and get behind the ring itself. That extra pressure forces the ring out against the cylinder to ensure an excellent seal.

That improved ring-to-wall seal allows for higher power.

And, since a better seal also means less oil blow-by, you’ll see an increase in your oil life too.

You can get these rings in practically every common size and they come in both steel and ductile iron. Total Seal boasts over 2,000 different set configurations.

The Summit Racing folks talked to Total Seal during their Performance Parts Expo. Watch the full interview below for details on these gas ported piston rings.