Want to tow a camper with your F-150 Raptor? Hellwig has helper springs for that. (Image/Hellwig)

While many modern trucks come from the factory with hefty tow and payload ratings already, putting a lot of weight on the rear will likely cause the suspension to ride lower than the stock, unloaded setup—resulting in what is commonly referred to as “squat.”

Take a quick look at the picture at the top of this article. That’s how your truck should look when it’s towing.

Now, check out this picture of the same truck without helper springs:

See the dramatic back end squat caused by the weight of the camper? That’s what you DON’T want. And that’s exactly what Hellwig Helper Springs correct. (Image/Hellwig)

Yup, that’s no good. And the difference is way more than just aesthetic.

Too much squat can be dangerous, as it can significantly hinder steering, braking, and vehicle control. You’ll also probably be blinding oncoming traffic with your headlights too.

Hellwig made an entire video on helper springs to show you how they work. Check it out here.

So when the Summit Racing folks spoke with Hellwig for their annual Performance Parts Expo, they spent a lot of time talking about how Hellwig’s Helper Springs fix the problem of excessive suspension squat.

Hellwig says these kits are easy to install and are made to withstand a ton of use. Even better, Hellwig’s got plenty of vehicle applications to choose from—including the Ford F-150 Raptor.

So if you do a lot of towing and hauling, watch the video below and see how Hellwig Helper Springs can improve your towing confidence.

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